Lecture in Guangzhou, China

31 jan 2020

Louis Janssen of Theateradvies gave a lecture entitled "How to Build a GOOD Theatre" in the "10th International Performing Arts Fair" in Guangzhou. The symposium took place in the Guangzhou Opera House, designed by Zaha Hadid. The title of the lecture may sound trivial, but is very appropriate in China, where in recent decades, hundreds of theatres have been built that are copies of Western, mainly German, opera houses. This, despite the fact that Western opera performances are seldom seen in China and there are no opera houses which produce their own Western style operas. As a result, there are many theatres with an incredibly expensive infrastructure that is virtually unused. In his lecture, Janssen made a plea to build theatres that are the result of a carefully drawn up business plan and from there, a cohesive programme of requirements. This should lead to a greater diversity of theatres that are more attuned to local needs. As usual, Louis emphasized the importance of building theatres for humans, with people as the starting point. Thisshould benefit the well-being of the people working in the theatre, and thus, in turn, also the productions. The lecture was well received and led to various contacts with potential clients.