Our team

Caroline Noteboom

Architect & Designer



 “We perceive differently”


Her daily work consists of making ideas and possibilities clear. Caroline Noteboom sketches, draws, calculates, models and presents. "Since we are specialized, we perceive issues differently. That is how we add value.

Caroline’s approach:

Issues surrounding logistics, technology and functionality are worked out by weaving them into the design of the building.

Caroline's background:

Scientific with a predilection for stories about (groups of) people, with an appreciation for diversity * McGill University (Montreal) * Chose architecture for its multi-facetedness * Worked in Canada, France, Colombia and China and settled in Amsterdam * Technical design for stadiums, theaters and other public buildings * City wanderer

“I document the non-verbal for project managers, architects and other project team members. Concepts or details, I do this through drawing, simulations and presentations.”

"I see my work as a link in the process. My input is built on the ideas and wishes from the team and is integrated into the larger project. This process applies whether I am working on a prestigious international project or a community theater; in practice, there is no difference, and provide for me equal pleasure and satisfaction. It is always a thrill when the details fall into place and the result of the team-effort becomes tangible."