Our team

Huub Huikeshoven

Project manager, Consultant



“Connection leads to great projects“


The combination of his technical and artistic baggage brought Huub Huikeshoven into the world of theater. After years of working for the Muziektheater in Amsterdam, his participation in working groups on safety and standards brought him into contact with Theateradvies. That clicked from the very beginning. "We share our vision of how to address public cultural buildings," he says.

Huub’s approach:

(1) Always go back to basics: what is the goal, what has been agreed upon, what does it say in the Programme of Requirements? (2) Connecting. "In projects you sometimes work together for years. I switch between client, user, architect, contractor and others involved to work together towards the goal. Advising is also about relationships!”

Huub’s background:

MTS and Rietveld Academy * Head of Technical Operations Muziektheater * Board member VPT * Standardization and safety theater equipment * Advisor and project manager in the realization of many projects including Amare (The Hague) * Specifications and design of technical theater installations * Coordination of planning/implementation/teams * Likes to walk and does track and field

"There are many factors in making a production happen. But no matter what, at eight o'clock the curtain must open. That excitement drew me. At the Muziektheater, I was responsible for setting up, dismantling and changing the sets.. From that position, I became involved in the development of European safety standards in the events industry."

"Theater is about the encounter between artist and audience. How does this work and how can the building facilitate this encounter? This is a question we have occupyied ourselves with for years. I also asked the artists themselves; their answers - see the interviews elsewhere on this site - gave us insight into what works and what doesn't. Freedom of choice and flexibility are success factors."